March Madness -  Get Started!
Spring Warm-Up Drills


Chair Drill

Sit on the front of a chair, put your arms in the air, i.e. “stick ‘em up”.  Rotate to your right and hold for 5 seconds, come back to center, rotate to your left and hold for 5 seconds.  Make sure to keep your spine straight and eyes forward. Repeat 8 times each way.  Can be done on your coffee break!

Benefit:  In the golf swing we would like the shoulders to turn twice as far as the hips. In this drill the chair holds the hips so you can stretch your obliques and create a separation of shoulders and hips. The greater the separation between the shoulders and hips the further you can hit the golf ball.

March Madness Drill

Stand back to back at arms length away from a partner.  With both hands holding a basketball and both feet planted firmly on the ground and your spine straight rotate and hand the ball off to your partner.  Rotate the opposite direction and receive the ball.  Hand off and receive 8 times each way. You will stretch further they way you hand off. FIRE UP! those obliques!

Benefit: Stretching the obliques allows us to create a greater separation of shoulders and hips. The shoulder turn and hip turn will move in concert, but the increased separation and stretch is created by the feet staying flat on the ground.

Horizontal Chop

Sit on the balance ball with your side square to the wall and your spine straight and eyes focused ahead.  Pull the synergy cord across your waist.  The closer your legs are together the greater the challenge. Do 8 to the right and 8 to the left.  Absolute swing simulation! Yahoo! Feeling it Now!

Benefit: This drill simulates the golf swing. Shoulder rotation with limited hip turn. It will also challenge your balance throughout the motion.

All three of the above drills enhance a stable lower body while maximizing shoulder rotation.

Ask your instructor to do these drills with you to make sure you are doing them correctly. 

Balance balls, synergy cords and golf specific training are all available at the academy.

 “Practice is the only golf advice that is good for everybody.”
                                    - Arnold Palmer