Troy's Lesson Tee

Private Lessons

Troy Beck brings over 27 years of experience to the lesson tee.  Troy is one of the premiere instructors in the Northeast.  Her innovative use of video analysis, teaching aids and drills accelerates the learning curve for all skill levels.

Troy enjoys teaching the beginner to advanced player. For beginners, instruction is kept simple, fun and informative. New and novice golfers learn and reherse the basics.  In a few short weeks you will progress from the lesson tee to the golf course.  All new golfers are introduced to the golf course with a walking lesson. We know how to create a comfortable learning arena making golf an enjoyable experience and lifetime sport.  Welcome to the lesson tee!

Troy has played in over 20 tour events including three majors.  Two LPGA Championships and a US Open.  Troy has been named MAPGA Female Player of the year three times, won the LPGA T & CP National Championship in 1994 and the Northeast LPGA Section Championship in 1993. 

Troy's extensive playing experience lends to helping the novice to advanced player. Golf brings out every emotion we have from exuberance to frustration and Troy has experienced them all. 

Troy was awarded the Nancy Lopez Award in 2008 by the LPGA.  One of the highest honors bestowed on a LPGA member.  In 1995 Troy was the Northeast LPGA Teacher of the year. Troy has been nominated for the National Teacher of the Year by both the PGA and LPGA and has been nominated  numerous times for MAPGA Teacher of the Year. Most recently, Troy was named to the PGA's President's Council for innovative instruction and the promotion of golf . In February, 2005 Troy was listed in the top instructors in the Middle-Atlantic by Golf Magazine.  Troy has been listed as a top instructor in the Middle-Atlantic by Golf Digest for years and has been named one of the top 50 instructors by Golf for Women. Troy has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education. 

Troy has a keen eye to distinguish faults from idiocincracies and gets to corrective motion immediately.  The goals and wishes of the golfer are foremost and understanding that lets Troy direct the student to lower scores and better ball striking. "Repetitons is the mother of mastering all skill." It is important to teach students not only what to practice, but how to practice.  Drills are an important means to that end.  Stepping onto Troy's lesson tee will be one of the most enjoyable golfing experiences of your life!

Private Video Lessons with Troy

Lesson Fee............$75.00

Package of Five..........$375.00

Private lessons are 45 minutes. You are expected to arrive 15 minutes early to warm-up and get ready to go!

To Book Golf Lessons Call:  301-785-6755