Sidehill, Downhill, Uphill Lies
Managing Ball Flight from Sloped Lies


Golf is not always played on a flat surface. Various lies present their challenges.

Instructor Jamie Whiting will put you through the paces that will teach you the ball flight laws from various lies  Downhill, uphill, side hill: ball above your feet and ball below your feet..

You  will learn the adjustments in ball position, aim and club selection needed to manage ball flight form each of these lies.

                           Saturday      September 15    9:00am


                                                                         Small groups. Will fill fast.  Sign-up ASAP!

                                                $40.00 / session             

                                               Jamie puts the FUN! in FUNdamentals!

                                         To register e-mail:  or call Jamie at 301-785-0465