Tune It Up!

Get a swing check-up to start off the season. Get golf tips and reminders to make sure your practice time pays off on the golf course. Instruction will vary from the basic fundamentals to advanced instruction.  Putting and chipping tips will be included to  really help you lower those scores. The on course lesson will be used to help you with strategy and the management of your game.

We`will check your grip & set-up, make sure you initiate your swing with a shoulder turn, keep your lower body stable and get the most out of your swing.  85% of the corrections tour players make are to their set-ups.  "Fix set-up, find golf swing."   The summer tune-ups include a golf course session. Sign up for one or more tune-ups. They are fun, informative and will improve your game. a great follow up to previous lessons. 


 Tune-Up One:   Mon/Wed   April 23 & 25     6:00 pm    On Course: Saturday, April  28     8:00am

Tune-Up Two:   Mon/Wed  May  14 & 16     6:00 pm    On Course: Saturday, May 19      7:30am


Tune-Ups include two one & half hour sessions plus a walking lesson for only $129.00.

You want your shoulders to turn twice as far as the hips, check out the Olique Stretches to help get greater separation of your shoulders from your hips.