Shortgame & Wedge/Bunker
Speciality Clinics the Avenue to Lower Scores


Spring Short Game Clinics

For the average golfer 43% of all strokes are putting. Another 12% of all shots come from 40 yards and closer. The crucial scoring strokes will be introduced and practiced. You will be a better putter when you leave this clinic and you will know how to practice. These clinics are designed to improve the scoring techiques of the student. Instruction includes stroke mechanics, strategy, practice routines and drills. An important aspect to these clinics is learning how to practice. These sessions are very effective in lowering your handicap and scoring average. Putting and chipping are the emphasize.


                       Saturday   May  5   1:30 - 3:30 pm 

Individual stroke mechanic flaws are attacked with specific drills and practice routines. People that benefit the most from this clinic are those who have already taken the shortgame clinic and have practiced their putting stroke,

  Wedge & Bunker

For the average golfer wedges are the most used clubs exclusive of the putter. Wedges represent a minimum of 18 % of all shots.  If you do not hit a lot of greens in regulation the percentage is even higher. Approximately 12% of all shots come from 40 yards and closer and another 6% of shots from 40 to 100 yards or the yardage of your "full" wedge. You will be introduced to the "hour glass effect" and why it is necessary to establish various lengths of backswing that correlate to specific yardages with specific clubs.  We will work throughout the clinic to establish a wedge game plan for you.  It's fun and it is exciting.

In addition to the wedge play you will be introduced to the simplest way to hit a greenside bunker shot.  This simple method guarantees quick success and removes any apprehension about bunker play. Guaranteed!  


                           Saturday   May 5    4:00 - 5:30 pm


Advanced Shortgame including Fringe to 40  


You asked for it. More work from the scoring territory. Drills for putting specific to your stroke will improve aim, striking center of putter on center of ball and speed. 12 per cent or more shots are taken from 40 yards and in. To lower your scores you must enable your self to execute these shots. This offering is a compliment to the shortgame clinic and wedge and bunker clinic. Include this class to enhance your "up & down" percentages.

             Please, pre-register for clinics by calling the golf academy  301-262-3683.

The shortgame clinics, wedge & bunker clinics and the fringe to 40 are designed so you can make combos out of them. Each clinic is priced at $69.00. If you sign-up and pre-pay for two of these specialty clinics you will get a special pricing of $125.00.  Prepay for all three clinics for special pricing of $175.00

** Denotes half-day golf school for $125.00. Lower your Scores! Get Game!

Class sizes are limited, so register early and take advantage of the Combo Pack.  These sessions are designed for the novice to advanced player. Other sessions to consider are the refresher sessions and practice sessions.

To register for shortgame or wedge/bunker or both, please, call the academy at: 301-262-3683 or e-mail Troy at: