Gift Certificates
Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father' Day

Anniversary, Graduation, Retirement Gift

Make shopping easy for the avid golfer in the family or the friend or family member that has mentioned an interest in learning golf.

Gift Certificates are available for private lessons, group lessons, work-outs, clinics and range cards.

You can choose the value. 

2015 Christmas Promotions:

Private lessons with Troy are $65.00 per session.  Troy recommends a series of three lessons for greater improvement and retention. 

Series of three lessons:  Regular: $195.00  Christmas Promo: $180.00                                                                                    Six Lesson Package:  $375.00  Christmas Promo:  $360.00                                                                                                   Junior Lessons:  $40.00 per session.    Christmas Promo:  5 lessons for $175.00

Instructor Jamie Whiting is offering the following Christmas specials.

Private Lessons:  $50.00 per session.  Christmas Promo:  Series of four lessons for $180.00                                         Junior Lessons:  4 Private lessons for $100.00       10 Private lessons:  $250.00                                                        Jamie's Junior 5 & 5 Plan:  5 Golf Work-0uts  /  5 Swing Lessons     $180.00   

We can send you or the recipient the gift certificate by mail or e-mail.

Save time!  The entire transaction can be done by e-mail or phone.

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