Skills Improvement Series


Alignment/ & Routine:   Driver & Hybrids      Thursday, August 3    6:00pm

Hitting the ball in play off the tee always makes golf easier.  We will work on alignment and routine to manage your shot pattern.  Hitting it longer and straighter is what it is all about!

 Putting &   Chipping      Thursday, August 10     6:00pm               

Putting is the most important part of the game.  You will be taught the most important factors tof a good putting stroke as well as a routine that narrows your focus to target.  The chipping stroke is a crucial stoke for scoring.  You will learn to execute this putting like stoke with the simplest mechanics to guarantee consistent results. 

Wedges & Bunker       Thursday,  August 17     6:00pm

The average player uses a wedge on every hole.  Learning to make less than full swings honing in on target and knocking it close will help you lower your scores.  Learning to escape from greenside bunkers will  take the fear of bunkers away.

Sidehill, Downhill, Uphill Lies        Thursday, August 24    6pm

Learn the nuiances of uneven lies.  Learn how the lie influences the ball flight.  Learn the adjustments you make to manage uneven lies.


Each session concentrates on one or two aspects of the game.  Includes instruction and supervised practice.  This series is instructional & social.  For the novice to advanced player.  Lots of individual attention.  Series of four $150.00  Single clinic: $40.00