Golf Skills Development Series
Mondays   6:30pm  May 1,8,15,22


Chips & Sasa       May 1

The chipping stroke at times eludes even the lowest handicap.  We will make the mechanics simple and employ a strategy for club selection, shot selection and execution. Cha! Cha! Cha!

Wine & Wedges      May  8

Scoop! Skull, chunk!  Sound familiar?                                                      Let us help you "trap" the ball creating loft on your wedges.                       Learn to create spin, height and distance control.                                        BOO-Yah!


Drive for Show!     May 15

Hitting the ball in play off the tee always makes golf easier. We will work on alignment and routine to manage your shot pattern.  Hitting it longer and straighter is what it is all about! Speed and balance, balance and speed.  We will work to increase your rotational speed.  We "PUMP U UP!"


Putt for $$$ Dough!    May 22

The most important part of the game.  Accounts for at least 40% of all shots.  We will work on stroke mechanics, speed and green reading.  The cure for lowering scores.  "Show me the money!"



Each session concentrates on one aspect of the game.  Includes instruction and supervised practice.  Snacks and beverages. This series is instructional and  social.  Designed for the novice to advanced player. Lots of individual attention.  Bring a friend! Bring your foursome! Date night!

Series: $125.00   Individual sessions: $35.00